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Conversations on sex and work

The placard with the statement 'sex workers are human beings, dammit!(På norsk: Sexarbeidere er mennesker, for faen!') was attacked and torn to pieces on Women's Day in 2020 in Oslo. And it was torn to pieces by a person who considered herself a feminist. Back in 2017, the same thing happened. But that time it was the slogan 'Sex workers' rights are human rights!' that seems to have been too provoking for the perpetrator - also this time a self-proclaimed feminist. As a feminist myself I find this behavior towards people that should be put at the front and center of the 8th of March parade shocking and repulsive. This collaborative portrait project with and about sex workers represents an attempt to symbolically glue these placards together again. Of course sex workers are human beings, who deserve human rights. 

for more information about the project, the stories and the photographs, please follow this link:

The project was exhibited at Fotografiens Hus (Oslo) February and March 2024. I am currently looking for a publisher for this project. It is not only a photo project but also a research project and a documentary book. Please contact me if you are someone that can help me with this.

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