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0188 (2016/2017)


Street portraits from Grønland in Gamle Oslo. From the time when I first moved here. I fell in love with this part of Oslo, and the international vibe here. In Bergen (where I  lived for 17 years before moving here) everyone claims that Oslo is  a cold place ('hard to get friends' they say). It could not be further from the truth, at least not if one moves to this particular part of town. Here people are friendly and helpful. I was once offered help with moving from a bar owner in Gamlebyen. I was worried that I had no one to help me move since I was moving in the middle of the summer holiday and all my friends was away. He said it was no problem, he would just mobilize the regular customers at his bar to help me move. This was not a joke, and I am certain that it would have happened if I had taken him up on the offer.


It is still my favorite part of Oslo, although it is slowly being gentrified. But the narrative in the media was (and is still) that it is dangerous here (particularly because of the muslims, of course). With these portraits I wanted to show the humanity of the people residing here. Since the postal code is 0188, I decided to take 188 portraits from the area, one portrait every day. I never got as far as the number 188, but I think I did at least 100.


For more, visit the blog I did about it:

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